Cruices to Cuba banned again

Cruise to Cuba

After President Obama’s visit to Cuba in 2014, his administration decided to ease travel restrictions to Cuba and in May 2016 the first US Cruise ship docked the port in Havana for over 50 years.

And now we go again, from June 2019 no more Cruise ships are permitted to Cuba, according to the Trump administration.

We had already booked several of our travelers in different cruises for the winter season 2019, but there is nothing else to do but to cancel bookings and suggest other arrangements to our clients.

This will have a big negative impact on to the Cuban economy. in the last 3 years the Cruise sector has been growing in a incredible speed and every day we could watch Cruise ships from different countries docking in the Havana port. Outside the cruise terminal there was a hectic movement with taxis, guides and locals entrepreneurs offering their services to the tourists when they arrived for a brief glimpse of the Cuba Capital.

Now the cruise terminal is abandoned, Plaza San Francisco and the street outside the terminal is empty, there is practically not a living soul left. This is a big disappointment for so many local Cubans that were heading down to terminal every morning to do their every day work.

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