Booking and confirmation:

In connection with booking, we send out an order stating the price of the trip. We ask you to pay the down payment as well as any a partial payment to stated bank account immediately, because we cannot book the arrangement in Cuba, before we have received a down payment. If we cannot confirm the arrangement in accordance with your booking, you have the right to cancel the purchase and we will refund the down payment. In these cases, we offer options that you have the opportunity to accept or reject. Exceptions apply in cases where the airline ticket is already printed and does not allow reimbursement. We do not normally post the air ticket until the other arrangements are confirmed, unless the traveler has approved it. If you book your trip less than 30 days before departure, the full payment for the trip must be made to us promptly.

Payments flight tickets

Payment and printing of air tickets and air tax:r travel arrangements do not normally include flights to and from Cuba. If the traveler wishes, we can book regular flights. The air fare then consists of 2 parts, a fixed air fare and air tax. The air taxes include: fuel taxes that can be raised and lowered until printing the air ticket. These changes are beyond the tour operator’s control and mean that the final price of the trip is only determined once we have received partial payment for the flight. Please note that economy class air tickets have restrictive change and cancellation conditions, so it is important that you check that you have cancellation protection.

Payment Terms

In connection with the booking of a package trip, a down payment of 250 euro per person is paid as well as partial payment of flights including airfare. When the down payment is paid, the booking is binding. Final payment of the trip is paid about 30 days before departure in accordance with information on the order. The traveler undertakes to pay the final amount according to the date stated on the order. If no final payment has been received according to the prescribed dates, there is a risk that the trip will be canceled automatically.

Final payment shall, unless otherwise stated, be paid no later than the date stated on the order. If no full payment for the trip has been made by Cuba Travel by agreement, Cuba Travel has the right to regard the travel agreement as canceled and to account for the registration fee. If booking within 30 days prior to departure, the full amount will be paid immediately.

Possible additional costs for upgrading, additional bookings pay in connection with the final payment of the trip.

Travel insurance and cancellation insurance:

Prices do not include cancellation cover. Cuba Travel offers cancellation protection in cooperation with Solid AB. Terms and conditions can be found at The cancellation cover must be paid together with the registration fee and cannot be added afterwards. Contact us before You pay the registration fee if cancellation protection is desired. Generally, travel insurance and cancellation protection are included in your own home insurance, or if you have a credit card or bank card. If the credit card is issued by the bank, it generally applies that the card’s insurance and cancellation protection are included when you pay at least half the trip via plus or bank transfer. Make sure this also applies in your case. Please note that it is mandatory to have a valid travel insurance to enter Cuba.

Tourist Visa:

To enter Cuba, a tourist visa is required. Cuba Travel will issue a tourist visa for a period of 30 days. Ev. extension of the visa takes place on site for a fee. The passport must be valid for 6 months from the date you leave home from Cuba. The traveler is responsible for checking the validity of his own passport and if a transit visa is required at any of the airports included in the itinerary.


Prices quoted are based on prices and exchange rates that were valid at the time of booking. Cuba Travel reserves itself for any price changes beyond our control such as increased airport taxes, changed exchange rates, new changed taxes and general fees or similar changes over which Cuba Travel does not have control.

Please note that prices are calculated on a minimum number of persons. If the number changes, this may affect the price.Our prices include local taxes and fees.

Flight Schedules:

The specified flight schedule is preliminary. The traveler is obliged to check flight times for onward and return flights with the airline. In cases where the passenger has found himself on time and with a valid ticket, the passenger has good protection thanks to a EU regulation.

We reserve the right to change the arrangement due to, causes and events that are beyond our control. Force majeure. This applies, for example, in extreme weather conditions, power outages, in the event of war and the like. There is a greater risk of tropical cyclones and hurricanes in the Caribbean between July – November.

Travel documents:

Tourist visas are mailed to the address indicated on the order. Vouchers and programs are emailed at least 2 weeks before arrival or after payment. The airline tickets are electronic tickets and the traveler can print boarding passes and take seats on the flight by going to the respective airline’s website and logging in with last name and booking number.

Please check all travel documents including tourist visas as soon as they are obtained. Any errors must be reported to Cuba Travel immediately.

Cancellation Terms:

If canceled before 30 days before departure, the down payment is due. In addition, if the airline ticket is already on display, it may be added a cancellation fee for this.

In case of cancellation after final payment, the down payment is due and a deduction is made for actual cancellation costs for hotels, air tickets and other arrangements. Please note that strict rules apply to cancellation of economy class air tickets after they have been issued.

If canceled within 7 working days before departure, 100% of the total price will be charged. For round trips with a guide, 100% will be charged if cancellation is made within 9 working days before departure.

Change of trip:

Changes that occur before we send out confirmation and invoice do not result in extra charges. For changes after payment of down payment and for every change that entails costs for Cuba Travel, a handling fee of 50 euro plus the additional costs will be charged.

Travel Guarantee:

Cuba Travel has provided a statutory travel guarantee to the Kammarkollegiet, which means that travelers who purchase package travel or package travel-like arrangements are subject to the terms and conditions that apply in the Package Travel Act. Telephone Chamber of Commerce, +46 (0) 8- 700 08 00.

Complaints – If something goes wrong on spot:

If problems arise, complaints must be made directly to our representative on site so that it is possible to correct the errors directly during the journey. If something should not be to your satisfaction with the services that have been booked, it is important that you address this directly in place to the representative or to the hotel. Only on condition that you have taken up any problems in place in Cuba as well as made a written complaint and handed over responsible person in place, we have the opportunity in retrospect to provide compensation. We cannot compensate in retrospect unless written complaint has been made to the responsible person.

Delay of luggage:

Be sure to report directly at the airport and take receipts for any outlay. Each airline has its own rules on how to compensate for delays and lost luggage. You have to make sure that your luggage comes to the correct place, as the airline is not allowed to hand luggage to another person. Check directly with the airline representative about how much reimbursement you are able to receive and whether you must claim reimbursement directly at the resort or whether you must write to the airline upon return. Never submit receipts until you have received the compensation you are entitled to

Please note that the travel industry’s general and specific travel conditions apply.